The essential elements that shouldn’t be missing from your wedding

Planning a wedding can be both exciting and overwhelming. From choosing the perfect venue to selecting the right menu, there are countless details to consider. However, there are some elements that are absolutely essential and cannot be missing from any … Continued

Bridesmaids: your best accomplice

Bridesmaids stand out as a crucial element, playing a central role in the bride’s significant day. Beyond being mere companions, bridesmaids are true partners in dreams. They offer emotional support and become the custodians of unforgettable memories. Weddings are not … Continued

Bridal bouquet: what flowers should it have?

You are planning every detail for your wedding but still don´t know, what flowers you can use for your Bridal Bouquet? Our biggest recommendation is to use the same flowers for your bouquet, than the one you are using for … Continued

Child-Free Wedding: Good idea or not?

The children always convey a unique joy. However, lately, there has been more doubt about whether it’s a good idea or not to have a Child-Free Wedding. More and more couples are preferring to have an adults-only wedding. Although it … Continued

Trash The Dress: an out of the ordinary photoshoot

Do something as fun and different in a Trash The Dress photoshoot. You may probably heard abour the famous Trash The Dress photoshoot. But probably you still do not know whar is it´s meaning. And maybe you are not sure … Continued

How to ask her Father´s Blessing?

Throughout the years, wedding traditions have been changing. But asking her Father´s Blessing to marry her, never go out of style. This tradition is a respectful gesture to include your girlfriends parents, in this important decision. Eventhough this tradition have … Continued