5 Wedding Styles for Beach Weddings

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The Weddings world is in constant change. There exist a lot fo Wedding Styles that you can adapt for your special day.

CHoosing the style that better fits your likes, would not be that easy. There are style that have exist through many years and another that are yet to come. If you still do not know the existing Wedding Styles or you have not decided for one…in this blog we can help you choose the Wedding Style that adapts the best to your and your couples likes.

Boho Chic Style

This Wedding Style is the one that have been more in trend, even more for Beach Weddings. Combine the boho concepts of the XIX Century, but more modern. Weddings that follow this style, are known for being elegant and always looking to find the natural in their decoration.

This style color palette includes white; pink, green; ivory; and terracotta. Most of the flowers this style use are pampa grass; green foliages; dry leafs and flowers; and roses.

The most used decor for the Boho Chic style are wooden crossback chairs and wooden rectangular or round tables. This style also use “natural” material charger plates and lounge sets, like jute and ratan. Goblets and napkins the same color as the color palette.

Wedding Style - Boho Chic

Classic Style

The favorite Wedding Style for many grooms and brides. This is a more formal style and gives to the weddings and their decoration a most romantic touch. It is important for guests to follow the elegant and formal dress code.

It´s decoration includes white or gold color chairs and round tables with white tablecloth. White napkins and traditional trnasparent goblets, extra decoration is minimum.

The color palette that this style follows are colors white; pink; green; and pink. Usually, it´s floral decoration includes golden bases for centerpieces; roses or national flowers in white and pink colors, also greenery touches or green foliages.

Wedding Style - Classic style

Romantic Wedding

Like you are living in a fairytale. If what you are looking for is to create a sweet and delicate atmosphere, taking care of every detail, this is the ideal style for your wedding. Create a magical experience, making a dreamy atmosphere and wonderful memory that will last forever in yours and your guests memories.

Colors that predominate in this Wedding Style, are white; gold; green; and pastel colors.

Warm lights and candles, predominate in this style decoration, to create a romantic and nice atmosphere. Transparent chairs are more common to be used or chairs in a not so common style. This style also looks to add golden touches for charger plates, goblets or cutlery. Tables can be white or mirros style.

The most common used flowers are peonies; hydrangeas; calla lilies; roses; and orchids. All of them color white and touches of green leaves to shine. Centerpieces use to be tall and with a golden structure, to highlight elegance.

Wedding Style - Romantic Wedding

Tropical Style Wedding

The Tropical Wedding Style combines wonderful flowers and showy colors. This style fits perfectly if you are celebrating a Beach Wedding. This is also the ideal style if you want to have a fresh and funy atmosphere, if your wedding is during summer or at the morning.

The colors you can match and that are part of this color palette are: yellow; pink; fucsia; orange; and green. Flowers included are from roses to proteas; dahlias; heliconias; flower of paradise; tillandsias; green foliages; and many more. This flowers should be of the colors as the color palette.

Decoration includes wooden or honey color bamboo or crossback chairs, and round or rectangular tables same color as chairs. Centerpieces can include, besides flowers, fruits like pineapple; oranges; tangerines; and many others. You can also add goblets, napkins and charger plates the same color as the colot palette or transparent.

Wedding Style - Tropical Wedding

Mexican Style Wedding

The Mexican Style Weddings  combines incredible and wonderful traditions. Like it´s name says, this type of wedding combines everything related to the mexican culture, including their colors; food; songs; and traditions.

Most used colors for this type of style are similar to the tropical colors, like fucsia; orange; yellow; blue; and green. The most common type of flowers used are roses; sunflowers; daisies; succulents; cempasuchil flower (if it´s the season).

Decor can vary a lot, it depends on the couple. It is common to add “papel picado” for the ceiling decoration, in strings or circular form. You can also add table runners and napkins with mexican embroidery and mud or colored charger plates.

You can also add extra decoration like mud jars and a mexican candy table. Or entertainment like mariachi or even funnier, you can add a piñata (for decoration or to broke it).

Wedding Style - Mexican Wedding

Choosing a Wedding Style is important for a unique and incredible wedding. Add your likes and customize it your own style, choose colors and decor that better fit you. Enjoy a unique and special day, for your and your guests. It does not matter where are you celebrating your wedding, the style you choose will fit perfectly the garden; palapa; beach; or any location. Do not be limited and play with every style, the important thing is to make your wedding unique and unforgettable.


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