Mexican Weddings Traditions

Mexican Weddings are an incredible big celebration. Mixing all the traditions and customs that exist in this wonderful country.

Mexican people are known for being warm, party, dancers and happy people. There exist a lot of traditions that are being celebrated in most of the Mexican Weddings, which have an special meaning and you shouldn´t let them pass.

Mexican Weddings Traditions

Brides traditions

One of the most important and meaningful tradition is the white wedding dress. It is a Mexican Wedding tradition that brides should have a white dress, because it means innocence, purity and virginity.

Another bride´s tradition is that she can´t wear pearls. Tradition says that pearls represents angels tears, which is associate with the bride´s tears.

Different types of bouquets

It is a Mexican Weddings tradition, that the bride should have 3 different bouquets.

Usually brides have their main bouquet, which is the one they use through all the ceremony, receptions, and wedding party. This bouquet is the bigger one, with more flowers and same color pallette as the rest of the wedding.

The other bouquet is the one they use to throw. This bouquet can be the size and design you prefer. The woman who catch it will keep it and will be the next one to get married.

Last but not least, is the Virigns bouquet. The bride puts the bouquet on the Virgin´s feet as an offering. This represents that the couple put their marriage under her blessing and protection.

Brides traditions and bouuets - Mexican Wedding Traditions

Godparents for everything

In Mexico, the tradition is that the couple choose their most loved ones to be their wedding godparents. Some examples are: rings, wedding veil, wedding coins, wedding lasso.

There can also be relatives who offer to pay another service for your wedding, becoming wedding godparents too.

The Juego de la Liga (wedding liter game)

French people considered a good luck charm, having a piece of the wedding dress fabric.This Mexican Weddings traditions is about the groom taking off the brides leg, the liter. Then, as a good luck symbol, he throw it to his men guests.

Wedding Liter Game - Mexican Weddings Traditions

La Víbora de la Mar (the sea snake dance)

A fun tradition that happens in every Mexican Wedding. The couple stand up two different separated chairs and take their hands or the grooms holds the veil, forming an arch between them both, while one of the most closest person holds them. Subsequently, guests will dance under the arch, representing all the problems the couple can have.

El muertito (the death man)

This is a funny tradition in Mexican Weddings. When the “marcha funebre” song plays, groom´s friends carry him like he was a coffin. Represents that the grooms is traped in marriage, due that he would not longer go out to parties and will hang out more with his wife and family.

How you just read, Mexican Weddings are full of meaningful traditions. If you are going to celebrate your wedding in a Mexican Destination and want it to be in a mexican way, you can consider adding this traditions to your wedding. Your wedding deserves to be celebrated the best possible way.

Sea snake dance - Mexican Wedding Traditions

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