1. Why should I have a Beach Wedding?

Beach weddings are the best option if you want to celebrate a different, relaxed, and with a spectacular background wedding.

2. What is a Destination Wedding?

A Destination Wedding is the celebration of union and love between two people, which is celebrated in a different destination to where they or their guests live.

3. Why should I celebrate my wedding at Riviera Cancun?

Riviera Cancun is a paradise, full of white sand beaches with clear sea. In this Destination, you will celebrate your wedding just how you imagined, with amazing beachfront views.

4. What do I need for my destination wedding?

The only thing you need is to be ready to make your dreams come true while celebrating the best day of your life.

5. What is the price of a Destination Wedding?

Price depends on the venue you choose; number of guests, services you will want; type of menu; etc.

6. Should I hire a wedding planner?

We totally recommend you to hire a wedding planner, she or he would make your Destination Wedding a lot easier, before, during, and after your wedding.

7. What type of wedding dress should I wear to my beach wedding?

The wedding dress you choose for your wedding will be perfect, but for more comfy, we highly recommend fabrics like: Charmeuse, Tiffon, Tulle, Bambula, and Georgette.

8. Is a resort or a private venue better for my beach wedding?

It depends, resorts offer you all-inclusive wedding packages, wedding planning services, and of course the advantage of celebrating your wedding in the same place where you're staying. A private venue usually is cheaper, offers you a less limited wedding time, and offers you an intimate wedding celebration.

9. Can we celebrate a civil wedding on the beach?

Totally! Civil and Symbolic weddings can be celebrated on the beach without any problem.

10. When is the best month to celebrate a Destination Wedding in Riviera Cancun?

Any month of the year you want it's perfect, but if you want to be free of rain and heat, we highly recommend months from November to April.

11. How much time do I need to plan my wedding?

We recommend you at least one year before, so you can decide every detail with time and have a better manage of your money.

12. What are the legal requirements to celebrate a Civil Beach Wedding in Riviera Maya?

Requirements depend if the couple is Mexican; Mexican and foreigner; or foreigner and foreigner. You can visit Destination Weddings in Mexico: Legal requirements to know all legal requirements you'll need for your wedding.

13. Can you give me information about Wedding Venues for my beach wedding at Riviera Cancun?

Of course! Our wedding venue, Acamaya Weddings, is definitely your best option for a beachfront destination wedding in Riviera Cancun.

14. What Wedding Packages do you offer?

We work from Elopement Wedding Packages to 150 guests complete Wedding Packages.

15. What services do you offer?

We offer you a complete wedding experience, from Wedding Venue to complete Wedding Planning process. You have nothing to be worried about with us!