Trash The Dress: an out of the ordinary photoshoot

Do something as fun and different in a Trash The Dress photoshoot.

You may probably heard abour the famous Trash The Dress photoshoot. But probably you still do not know whar is it´s meaning. And maybe you are not sure yet if having this photoshoot is a good or bad decision. In this blog we will explain you more about this photoshoot and why you should do it.

Trash The Dress photoshoot

What is aTrash the Dress photoshoot?

The Trash the Dress, is a photoshoot that challenge the conventional traditions of preserving the wedding dress. Instead of keeping the dress in your closet and use it only once, brides prefer to take it to a different ambience. The idea of the Trash The dress is to capture artistic and emotional moments.

Where can you have it?

Imagine walking through seashore with the waves on our feet, or diving in a relaxing lake while your dress floats all over you. The Trash The Dress photoshoot is the perfeect moment to take your dress into places you never imagined.

You can have your photoshoot in your favorite place or wherever you prefer and has a big value for you. Or somewhere you never thought you will take your wedding dress.

The most popular places are the beach; lake; cenote; or even the woods.

Where to have it - Trash The Dress Photoshoot

Let your creativity fly

This photoshoot is the best moment to express your creativity. Photographers play a very important role when capturing the brides essence in extraordinary places. Every photo and place tells a different and romantic story.

Do not be afraid of doing things you are not used to, it is okay to get out of your comfort zone.

The point of this photoshoot is to use your dress in a different way than the traditional. Do not let your wedding dress to be used only one time, seize it the best possible way.

Its meaning

Although “trash” can sound drastic, the act symbolizes the start of a new stage in the couples life. When the brides break off her wedding dress, in a non conventional way, she accepts the change and transformation that marriage brings.

How to have a successful photoshoot?

  • Choose the background carefuly: Choose a place with a meaning for you and your couple, or that reflects your style and personality.
  • Dress comfortable: Even though you are “destoying” the dress, make sure you can move easily and being secure during the shoot.
  • Work with a professional photographer: A photographer that understands the vision and is familiar with this type of photoshoots, can make the difference.

The Trash The Dress photoshoot is a celebration of individuality, brave and eternal love. Every moment of your photoshoot will create incredible moments. Get out of common to create unforgettable moments

Do not be afraid, we assure you this would be one of the best decisions you can take.

Let creativity fly - Trash The Dress Photoshoot

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