Bridal bouquet: what flowers should it have?

You are planning every detail for your wedding but still don´t know, what flowers you can use for your Bridal Bouquet?

Our biggest recommendation is to use the same flowers for your bouquet, than the one you are using for your whole wedding. Choose the flowers you like the most, and better fits your style. But it is important to consider a budget for your wedding florals.

In this blog, we will help you to know which flowers you can use to decorate your special day.

Wedding style

There are a wide variety of Wedding Styles that will help you determine which flowers to choose. From tropical to classic styles, you can find your favorite flowers and colors in them.

The choice of flowers for the Bridal Bouquet should depend on the style you choose. Certain colors also prevail depending on the chosen style.

Remember that the Bridal Bouquet is your complement and best accessory; it’s important that you love it and feel comfortable with it.

Wedding Style - Flowers for Bridal Bouquet


Undoubtedly, the most commonly used flowers for Bridal Bouquets. Roses adapt to all styles and colors; they are the perfect complement for any bouquet. In addition to being beautiful and versatile, they are among the most affordable and accessible flowers.

They may not be your main flower; however, we recommend this flower as a complement and one that should never be missing in any wedding.

You can find them in different colors, either naturally or painted.

The most common colors are: white, pink, beige, and red.

Roses - Flowers for Bridal Bouquet


Peonies are seasonal flowers. This type of flower blooms in the months of May and June, which is why the price can be higher. According to tradition, peonies symbolize a happy marriage, prosperity, and good health.

You can find peonies in different colors, which adapt well to Bridal Bouquets.

The colors that predominate in peonies and can adapt to the style and colors of your wedding are: white, pink, orange, and fuchsia.

Peonies - Flowers for Bridal Bouquet


Highly used for weddings with a tropical style, due to their vibrant colors.

The predominant colors in this type of flower are: red, orange, yellow, fuchsia, white, and purple.

These flowers convey happiness and peace, as they are very noble flowers. They will provide a striking and unique touch to the entire floral decoration of the wedding.

If you are looking for flowers with a tropical style and colors, these are an incredible option.

Gerberas - Flowers for Bridal Bouquet

Baby Breath

Also known as Gypsophilas. If you are going for a classic or elegant style, Baby’s Breath is the perfect complement for Bridal Bouquets.

They are beautiful and delicate white flowers that will add a touch of elegance to your wedding decoration. They symbolize eternal love, lasting commitment, and purity.

These flowers have become popular in weddings, as they are easy to find, and the price remains affordable. You can pair them with foliage or flowers of different colors.

Baby Breath - Flowers for Bridal Bouquet


These flowers are known as the flowers of true love. Keep in mind that tulips are not native flowers, so although they are very popular, the price is high.

Tulips will make the floral decoration of your wedding look beautiful. There is a wide variety of tulip colors that you can choose from to decorate your special day.

The most popular colors for weddings are: white, pink, yellow, orange, red, and fuchsia.

Tulips - Flowers for Bridal Bouquet

There is an infinite variety of flowers that are very popular for weddings. All of them vary depending on the style and colors you choose for your special day. The prices of these flowers also vary. Consider choosing flowers that are your favorites and in the colors you love the most. Bridal Bouquets should be one of the accessories that stand out the most and attract attention.

Make every aspect of your wedding look beautiful and shine as much as you do. Make your entire wedding unforgettable.


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