Symbolic Wedding Ceremony in Cancun

Symbolic weddings in Cancun and Riviera Maya, the new ideal trend for couples who want a more meaningful and different wedding. Keep reading, and we’ll tell you about them.

Cancun and Riviera Maya: The perfect paradises for symbolic weddings. They have become the most stunning idyllic destinations to get married due to all the elements (beach, white sand, tropical weather) that make it special. That’s why these destinations are the favorites of many couples for that destination wedding to have an exclusive, personalized and much more meaningful marriage.

What’s a Symbolic Wedding Ceremony?

A spiritual connection, ceremonial rites, meaningful and emotional… this is how symbolic weddings work. They are totally different from traditional weddings and do not belong to any religion. The key to these ceremonies is the belief in the love between two and the deep spiritual meaning that comes with performing one.

How to Celebrate a Symbolic Wedding?

There are different types of symbolic weddings, but it will also depend on the culture of each country. For example, this type of ceremonies in Mexico can be seen in the symbolic ceremony of the rose, symbolic ceremony of the sand, symbolic ceremony of the wine, among others. But in Cancun and the Riviera Maya, we see symbolic weddings a lot in Mayan weddings. 

These Mayan ceremonies in Cancun and Riviera Maya are so popular and full of symbolism that make them the most romantic weddings. Do you know what the best part is? The locations to do it. There are hotels and resorts in Cancun that support this idea by performing them on the beach in front of the sea, but also, the magnificent cenotes for weddings located in the best regions of the Riviera Maya surrounded by flora and exuberant nature. 

How to choose the right symbolic wedding ceremony for me?

Choosing which symbolic wedding to have will depend on the couple’s beliefs and values. So, the ceremony you decide on will definitely be the ideal one. 

Personalized symbolic weddings

Symbolic weddings, as we already mentioned, are for the couple to have that perfect marriage in the middle of a ritual with the couple’s beliefs and values. Traditional weddings such as civil or religious weddings are linked by a great series of guidelines that must be fulfilled to carry them out. Unlike these, symbolic ceremonies are more flexible and you have more freedom to design them. For example, you can combine and mix rituals or create new ones as long as it is meaningful to the couple and matches their style and personality.

Mayan Wedding Ceremonies in Cancun

Mayan Wedding Ceremonies in Cancun

If you wish to have a destination wedding or elopement wedding in Cancun that is symbolic, believe us that in Mayan weddings you will also create connections with the surrounding nature. 

Part of Mayan weddings in Cancun is that you create links with the Mayan ancestors and connect with the nature where the ceremony will be held. It is very romantic to choose this type of ceremony because you will get to connect with your inner self and establish connections with your partner as well.

The sun, the fine white sand, the sea with its breeze or the cenotes with their crystal clear waters can be part of the symbolic rituals, creating a unique and memorable experience.

Tips to keep in mind when organizing a symbolic wedding ceremony

Tips to keep in mind when organizing a symbolic wedding ceremony

You must take into account that symbolic weddings (whether or not they are Mayan) have no legal validity, however, a certificate of the symbolic wedding is usually given. 

If you want it to be legally valid, you can opt for a civil wedding as well. Actually, you can have both ceremonies if you wish. 

For legal Cancun weddings, you must consider several formalities and costs for your wedding. We leave you the article here so you know everything you need to know with updated costs this 2023.