Why should you have a Wedding Toast?

The Wedding Toast is the ideal moment to show the couple all the love and happiness you feel for their love union.

A very special detail to add during your wedding planning, is the Wedding Toast. It will be the best moment, where the person you choose as the wedding speech godfather or godmother, will tell you those special words that will remain in your minds, forever.

But you may be thinking, what is the importance of this speech? and why should you consider having it for your wedding?.

In this blog, we will answer all your questions and we will help you planning the perfect Wedding Toast speech.

Wedding Toast - Riviera Cancun Weddings

Why should you have a Wedding Toast?

Getting married, is one of the most important steps in a couple´s life. Wishing the best to the couple, for this important union, is something that needs to be included in the wedding program.

The person who tells the Wedding Speech, will wish the couple love and happiness. It is important bo be emotional, bring the couple the best wishes and congratulate them for this important step in their lives.

Why should you have a Wedding Toast? - Riviera Cancun Weddings

Who says the Wedding Toast?

The Wedding Toast must be said by who the couple considers is the ideal person to give them such beautiful words.

Usually, they choose a godfather, but this is not mandatory.

Bride and groom can choose their parents or siblings, to say this speech. Also they can choose a mutual friend, who have been with them since the beginning of the relationship.

It can be even more dynamic, asking more than one person to make the toast. This is a great idea, due that couple is not limited to choose only one person. They can choose a group of people who will say unique speeches.

Why says the Wedding Toast? - Riviera Cancun Weddings


This moment is also the couples decision, they can even ask their Wedding Planner the right time,

Many couples prefer to do it after dinner, before cutting the wedding cake.

But is is also a good idea to do it after their first dance or before dinner starts.

Feel free to choose the moment that you prefer, there is not an exact time to make it happen.

When to say the Wedding Toast? - Riviera Cancun Weddings

How to make a Wedding Speech?

Wedding Toast should express the happiness that the godfather or godmother feels for the couple.

We recommend you writing it first, so you do not forget any detail when saying it. Try to use personal and funny stories, which will remain the couples essence.

You can mention the importance of love and marriage. You can also use memories you have of the couple, which you think are appropriate for the toast. Adding a love quote is also an incrdible idea, this will bring the speech a nice touch and will stand out the romantic background.

We recommend that the speech should no be longer than five minutes, do not extend too much, it should be short and clear. Express the emotion you feel about watching the couple uniting their lives together.

How to make a Wedding Speech - Riviera Cancun Weddings

Since you and your partner meet and realize you want to be together forever; you start to create memorable moments for you and everyone who is around you.

Deciding to have a Wedding Toast in your special day, will help you remember these moments and memories in someone else point of view. If what you want is to live a very nice and unforgettable moment, we recommend you to add this toast to your wedding.

This will be another way to remember all the love and strenght that you have been creating through this time.


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