Mexican Wedding Traditions for your Destination Wedding

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Are you planning to have a destination wedding in Mexico? Are you curious to know Mexican Wedding Traditions to add to your ceremony? This article will give you a few insights.

Weddings in Mexico used to be very attractive worldwide. Specially Cancun Weddings or Rivier Maya Weddings have become more and more popular among people seeking their ideal destination wedding. And why not? These destinations in Mexico offer the perfect natural landscape for a dream beach wedding AND a great start for a honeymoon. Mexican celebrations are known to be fun, happy, and very original. These events are big family get-togethers, and it really shows all the family and friends’ support for the couple.

In a traditional manner of speaking, Mexican weddings start off with a catholic ceremony and a reception afterward at the party’s location.

Mexican bride traditions

A Mexican bride’s dress is usually long, all white, with a veil, does not wear pearls due to a tradition that says that pearls symbolize tears; and a garter that will be taken off at the party. 

Brides that are inclined to have a Mexican-style wedding should consider choosing one or two bright colors for their floral arrangements.

Catholic ceremonies for weddings in Mexico

Catholic ceremonies are subject to many symbolisms and meanings. For these ceremonies, the bride and groom always present engagement rings at the altar as a promise of love and fidelity in their new life as a married couple. Then, the groom presents the arras to the bride as a symbol of the union and prosperity of the couple where they promise to share the goods within the marriage.

In Catholic ceremonies, there is a ribbon that is used as the unbreakable bond of the couple. At the end of the ceremony, the bride gives a bouquet of natural flowers to the Virgin Mary.

It is also customary to throw rice at the bride and groom as they leave the church, as a sign of fertility, prosperity, and abundance. However, this tradition has been modified by alternatives (such as bubbles) because some churches no longer allow its use.

The first dance

When they are already at the reception during the party, it is customary at weddings in Mexico for the newlyweds to open the celebration with a “waltz”. the newlyweds open the celebration with a bride and groom’s waltz. This will be their first dance as spouses, so you should choose a special song that is very representative of you and your partner.

The toasts!

The toast at weddings in Mexico is a moment where a few words or a speech is given to the bride and groom, and then all the guests raise their glasses and speech to the bride and groom and then all the guests raise their glasses and say “Salud” (Cheers).

The dancing traditions

The bill’s dance

This activity can be done after the waltz, depending on your program. The dance of the bill is performed: the guests dance one by one with the bride and groom and then put a bill on their dress. bride and groom and then put a bill on their dress.

“La vibora de la mar”

The sea snake is a very fun activity that is performed as a celebration at weddings in Mexico. weddings in Mexico. While the sea snake can be as a party game. The sea snake consists of the bride and groom getting on chairs while holding hands, making the shape of an arch. in the shape of a bow. Meanwhile, the guests line up holding each other’s shoulders or waist. shoulders or waist while advancing under the arch made by the bride and groom. the bride and groom.

Its meaning is the couple’s problems and gossip. If the bride and groom let go, according to Mexican tradition, customs, and superstitions, problems could separate the couple. separate the couple. But don’t worry, there are people who are holding the bride and groom, and according to the bride and groom, and according to them, these people will be close to the couple to support them in their marriage. The song in the background is pure fun!

The bouquet toss

One of the characteristics of wedding celebrations, in general, is when the brides toss their bouquets over their shoulders. It’s no different in Mexican weddings, the bride throws the bouquet to all the single women at the party, and the person who catches the bouquet will be the next to walk down the aisle.

Garter toss

The garter belt game is also a fun activity similar to the bridal bouquet. First, the bride must have a garter on her right leg. When the game is about to start, it is customary for the groom to do a sexy but fun dance to the bride while she is seated in the center of the dance floor. Then, the groom proceeds to reach under her dress to remove the bride’s garter belt with his mouth. When it is removed, all the single men move to the center and the groom proceeds to throw it.

Toss the groom!

Tossing the groom up and down is a lot of fun, however, this activity in Mexican weddings has become controversial. For many people, it may be in bad taste, but for others, it is pure fun.

This consists of the male guests carrying the groom in their hands while he is lying down like a dead body. They toss him upwards several times while the “funeral march” song plays in the background. Traditionally this activity is done because it is a way of saying that the groom is going to say goodbye to the parranda (parties) and is now going to be committed to spending more time with his wife and family who believe in his marriage.

Having Mariachis at your wedding is a must

If you’re having a destination wedding in Mexico something that cannot be missing in your event is a Mariachi band. Of course! In a Mexican wedding celebration you can’t miss the mariachi even if they only play for an hour, the mariachi can’t go unnoticed to close the event with a big exit!