Wedding Entertainment Ideas for Kids at Weddings

If you took the decision of having little guests in your wedding, having entertainment for them, is the best option.

We know adding extra entertainmnent to your wedding, to indulge the little ones, can be expensive. But if what you are looking for is for all your guests and you to enjoy you wedding, this is the best option. There exist a lot of Wedding Entertainment Ideas for Kids you can have on your wedding.

Activities table

There is no better way to entertain kids, while increasing their creativity. You can add many activities that will keep kids entertain during almost all your wedding.

You can have this activities in a small table, special for the kids. Hire someone who can guide them and make different activities like: making basalets; a drawing book; paints; and much more.

Try to have a comfy space, with kids chairs or cushions. It can also be a place close to the reception area, so their parents can also see their childs and take care of them.

Activities Table - Wedding Entertainment Ideas for Kids at a Wedding

CUstomized kits

A great Wedding Entertainment Idea for Kids is a customized kit. Something like the candy bag that are given to kids during a birthday party, but with activities for them. We recommend you to give kids this kits, when the wedding is starting. This are kits with different kind of activities, for kids to be entertain during ther wedding.

Some of the games you can include to this wedding kits are:

  • Puzzles
  • Small colouring books
  • Small toys

You can also add candies to this kits. They will be their favorite and will enjoy your wedding as much as you would.

Customized kits - Wedding Entertainment Ideas for Kids at a Wedding

Kids zone

Nowdays, you can find a lot of wedding decoration or rentals enterprices, who can also rent you tables and decor for kids.

You can create an exclusive area for them, and you can add blankets; teppes; cushions; teddies; etc. You can add some toys for them to be entertain and maybe, screen a kids moovie.

You can also consider the ida to hire babysitters to take care of them while they are on the kids zone. So parents can enjoy your wedding, while they are feeling secure that there will be an expert taking care of their children.

Kids Zone - Wedding Entertainment Ideas for Kids at a Wedding

Kids show

As part of the Wedding Entetainment Ideas for Kids, you should not discard on hiring a magic show or even a clown. Magic and clown shows are surprising and fun for little kids and adults too. Do not limit to have them only for the kids, they can be an incredible entertainment idea for the adults at your wedding too.

If you do not want to mix this type of entertainment for your wedding reception, it is okay. Keeping it just fot the kids it´s a good idea to keep them entertain. This type of shows will never bored the little ones and they will have a fun time.

Having activities to entertain the little kids that will be on your wedding, is the best option. During your wedding day, it is important that you and your guests feel happy and enjoy every moment. This options will be the best way to keep little ones entertain while their parents are enjoying a meaningful celebration and full of love.

Kids Show-Wedding Entertainment Ideas for Kids at a Wedding

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