Theme Weddings: How to make it happen

Theme Weddings reflect yours and your couple personality. Celebrate your dream wedding, themed with that you like the most.

One of the first things to consider when planning your wedding is, what style or theme would it have?. This decision can be hard, because you may like more than one style or theme. The Wedding Day is one of the most special days in a couple life. Every detail, from the dress to the location, help to create incredible memories. Why not make it more memorable with a Theme Wedding?

Theme Weddings have become a trend. This type of weddings allow couples to have a complete customize wedding. Let your inagination fly and make your wedding the most special one, decor with what you like the most. They offer a unique experience to express the couple personality and create an event that reflects it´s personality and passion.

What is a Theme Wedding?

Theme Weddings are known for having a non habitual decoration. They are focused on following a concrete theme, which is present during all the wedding.

In this type of weddings, the couple decides to customize their special day, their own way. They can customize it with their favorite characters; favorite movie; favorite tradition; and many more things.

They do not have to be limited to just one theme, they can also combine themes or styles or create their own.

What are Theme Weddings?

How to organize a Theme Wedding?

After deciding the theme you will have for your wedding, it´s time for planning. Theme Weddings planning is not different from the traditional weddings. It is very important to consider every detail, even more for decoration. From invitations to reception tables, it is important that everything follows the same concept and colors.

Consider a budget:

It is very important to have a budget for your wedding. Because after that, you can consider your venue and every detail you will add.

Choose your wedding day:

One of the most important things when planning your wedding is, choosing the date you will celebrate it. More time you have, more possibilities you will have to find a venue and have every detail done.

Wedding venue: 

Where to celebrate your wedding is one of the most important decisions. Choosing a venue can be a hard decision. Some aspects you should consider to find the ideal venue are: budget; size; easy access; facilities; and many others.


Once you have the past things and choosing a theme, is time to contact your vendors. Most of the times, wedding venues already provide you some vendors. If that is not the case, consider: catering; florals; decoration; furniture; entertainment; and others.


Because it is a theme wedding, decor is a very important thing. It is important that every corner decoration, follows the same theme.


If you have the chance to add entertainment to your wedding, do it. It will be a plus that everyone will enjoy, even more if you are following a theme.

How to organize a Theme Wedding?

In Riviera Cancun Weddings, we recommend you to hire a Wedding Planner who can help you with all the process. You do not need to worry about anything, let all the planning of your special day in hands of the experts and enjoy every moment.

Definitely, Theme Weddings offer the opportunity to create a unique and customized event. From classic and fancy options to more crative and out of common ideas, limit is your imaginatyion. When choosing a theme that reflects the couples personality, it is guaranteed that every detail will tell a story and make memories that will last forever.


Riviera Cancun Weddings is a local enterprise that helps you with your event planning in the Mexican caribbean. Counts with professional planners; also transportation; accommodations; and of course, wedding planning services for your dream wedding.

For more info, contact us via Email: info@rivieracancunwedding or Whatsapp: 998 756 3961 and start planning the wedding of your dreams!

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