Symbolic Ceremonies: 4 rituals to celebrate them

Symbolic Ceremonies are a representation of love and union rituals, between two people. These type of ceremonies does not have either a religious or legal value. 

The celebration of Symbolic Ceremonies have a spiritual meaning, faith in love between a couple who wants to live together, is their base.

These weddings can be celebrated in different ways, due that they exist different types of Symbolic Ceremonies, hoewever, all of them represents love and bond between a couple.


Sand Ceremony

This type or tirual is one of the most used in Symbolic Ceremonies, and even more in Beach Weddings. It is an ancient tradition, which stil happens nowdays, this tradition describes the union between two stories that will become one. 

A vase with two different colors of sand is given to each one of the couple, which represents each one of them; they throw their sand in one vase, where sand will mix. This mix of color sand, represents the couple´s life union.


Lightning Ceremony

This type of Symbolic Ceremonies are also known as Unity Candle Ceremony. It is a ritual that represents the bond between two people, whic will become one.

Light formely represented passion and purity, given that it was considered powerful and transformer, is because of this that this ceremony bless the union, between the couple.

In this ceremony, bride and groom hold a lightning candle. Which, at the same time, use to light up a bigger candle, which represents the new union between them both.

Light in every candle represents hope, it is a promise. 


Rose Ceremony

Roses symbolize love and respect between two people, and it is just what this Symbolic Ceremony represents.

If what you are looking for is to represent passion and wonder for your couple, choosing this ritual to be celebrated on your ceremony, would be the best idea. 

Groom and bride will have a rose, that they will exchange when the judge tellthem. Then, they will take their hands and put the roses together, representing respect; trust and love.

Wine Ceremony

If you want a meaningful ritual to your wedding, Wedding Ceremony is the ideal for your special day. 

Wine importance is represented since our beginnings, when Jesus turned water into wine, in a wedding celebration.

Wine represents joy; celebration; and life´s and couple´s abundance, when they get married. 

In this ritual, every member of the couple is represented by the wine they choose, the one they think that represents them; either withe or red wine. 

After reading their vows, each one will throw the wine they choose into an empty jug, where they will represent, the union between them both. Couple would drink the wine to represent their love union.


Although Symbolic Ceremonies do not have a legal or religious value, they represent faith and union desire between a couple who loves each other and want to spend their life together. 

Having a ritual during your ceremony, will bring to it a bigger value, with a beautiful meaning; it will be a moment you and your guests will remember forever, a moment full of peace and magic. 

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