Original ideas for an unforgettable wedding

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Surely you are looking for original ideas for weddings to make them very original and fun. For that, we leave you some trends and original ideas for weddings that you can use for that special day.

Original ideas for an unforgettable wedding

Photo Booths

One very original idea to make ever-lasting memories is having a photo booth at your wedding. At many of the parties, the use of photo booths has become quite fun and innovative. Previously it was very common to see photo booths at parties and weddings, but now people have stepped up their game and created cute scenery for taking pictures. 

Photo booths and photo stands are original ideas for weddings because your guests can use them to take funny pictures. You can use mirrors that are personalized with the initials of the bride and groom or the date of the wedding, or maybe even have a green background, it all depends on the vibe and decor. In addition, these are illuminated and also print the photos so you have a souvenir of the party.

Hangover Kit 

At weddings there will be a lot of guests who will be over-drunk, so giving small hangover kits is an original wedding idea that is trending. 

The hangover kits can be inside cloth bags or in small first-aid boxes.

In these hangover kits you can place the following accessories: 

  • Effervescent antacid for stomach pains. 
  • First aid items such as Band-Aids, cotton patches, and antibacterial gel. 
  • Chewing gum or mints for bad breath. 
  • Anti-inflammatory or pain relievers for headaches. 
  • You can put little bottles of water, electrolytes, or tea bags for dehydration.

Keepsake bottles 

Giving miniature bottles of alcohol as souvenirs have become a trend for being an original idea for weddings. 

These miniature bottles can be personalized. On the bottle, you can put a label with the names of the bride and groom and the date or you can place them in little transparent fabric sacks to make them look really cute.

Crazy photo lenses and props

Lately, there have been a lot of new ideas to make the pictures and the party at weddings more fun. One example of this is photo lenses, filters, and fun sunglasses or props!

Many brides and grooms who have gotten married have resorted to this idea to make their wedding more fun, which they have succeeded. Moreover, this original idea has become a trend on Tik Tok and Instagram.

360º Booth 

It is very creative and original to have a photo booth at your wedding party. It is a trend and a must-have item. 

In the 360 booths, all the members of the party use it to take funny videos while the cell phone (placed on a stand) turns 360 degrees around them. While it records you, you can dance and have a blast!

Flip-flops or slippers 

The idea of giving flip-flops or slippers to your guests wearing heels is also part of the list of original ideas that you can do at your wedding. You can hand them out on the dance floor so that your guests can dance comfortably.

Signature book 

The purpose of the signature book is for your guests to give you some words of love, affection, and gratitude for that big step you have already taken. 

The signature book has actually been used for a long time, however, it has been evolving. 

With some suppliers, the signature book includes you showing up on the day of your event so they can take pictures of your guests with instant cameras. Afterward, your guests will paste those pictures into your album to write those beautiful words to you. 

Besides being fun and original, it is a nice souvenir that you will have for that special date.

Animation for your party 

To make the wedding party fun and unforgettable, many brides and grooms choose to hire entertainers to provide atmosphere and open the dance floor. 

The entertainers present shows with well-known characters such as the Mask, Beetlejuice, robots, “big-headed” characters, even Michael Jackson imitations, etc. 

Hiring entertainers for your wedding will make your wedding party generate a great atmosphere and will make your guests not stop dancing.