How to save money while planning your dream wedding

Celebrating a wedding is exciting, but it can also be expensive.

Weddings deserve to be celebrated in a big and unique way. However, we know that most of the times costs can be higher than our budget. For moments like this, knowing how to save moneyis ideal to make your dream wedding come true.

In this blog we will teach you different ways to do it. Do not worry for your budget, we are sure your dream wedding can come true.

Plan with time

With any doubt, planning with time is a great advantage to your budget.

The anticipating planning would help you find offers and comfortable payment plans. Also time would help you find different options which adapt to your oreferences and budget.

A year in advance it´s the perfect time for your wedding planning. You can find different options and availability. You can also organize better and in a most comfortable way, your money.


If your purpose is to save the most money you can, you need to be very flexible.

Many venues and vendors offer diferent prices in specific dates. For example, weddings during the week or during the morning.

Also flexibility includes getting married in low season. Considering getting married in a low wedding season, would help you not to only save money for the venue, but also with all the vendors you want for your wedding.

If your wedding date it´s not the most important for you and your couple, considering this option would help you to save a lot of money.

Plan with time & felibility - Save Money

Do it yourself

This is the perfect time to let your imagination and creativity fly.

We know a lot of your wedding items, mostly decoration, can be really expensive. Is this why if its in your possibilities do some things yourself, you should consider doing it.

Either for souvenirs; invitations; centerpieces; and other things. You can consider make them yourself and with that, save a lot of money that can be useful for another things.

Reduce your guests list

One of the things that most increases a wedding cost is the number of guests.

Wheter more guests you have, bigger would be the cost of chairs; food; decoration; and more details.

We recommend you that if you want to save the most possible money, reduce your guests list to your closest family and firends. Besides helping you save more money, also will help you to create a more intimate and familiar environment.

Digital invitations

Although at first glance does not looks like, but invitations are a expensive.

Between design and printing, cost can increase. This depends if you choose a designer to make them and the type of paper where you will print them.

If you have not problem with the type of delivery, making digital invitations is your ideal option. If what you want is to save the most money you can, we commend you to choose digital invitations.

Besides helping you save money, they will make you save time. Because their difusion would be via social media or messages, you won´t have to go to your guests house and give them, like normally its do.


For saving money, you do not have to be limited to hire essential services. It is important to consider which things are mort important for you. So you can priorize things you consider are necessary to celebrate in big.

You deserve to celebrate the weding of your dreams. Celebrate your wedding without wasting a lot of money.

Do it yourself, reduce guest list & digital invitations - Save Money

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