Beach Weddings: How to dress for one?

Choosing the pefect outfit for this special day it´s not that simple, and even less for Beach Weddings.

Probably, since you received the invitation for the Beach Wedding you have been asking, how can I dress?

Does not matter what outfit you choose, it will make you look radiant, however, it is important to choose the right colors and fabrics for you to avoid the heat and feel comfy.

Beach Weddings - How to dress for one

Dress/suit color

Beach Weddings are the best moment to dress in a colorfull; fresh; and comfy outfit.

Most of the colors are recommended to use, excepto for black and dark colors.

You can do the combinations you like the most. You can also use beach or common design dresses or suits.

Beach Weddings - Dress and Suit Color

Ideal fabric for Beach Weddings

Talking about dresses, it is recommended to use fresh and light fabrics, like cotton, linen or satin.

It is also the possibility to have a lot of wind during the beach wedding day. In this case, it is important to choose a dress with a long or kind of heavy skirt, or the style you feel more comfortable.

For the suit, it is recommended to use comfy and fresh fabric, like cotton or linen.

A very popular option in Beach Weddings is a “guayabera” and beige linen pants.

If you are looking for something more formal, you can use a coat, shirt and pants of the colors and fabrics mentioned before.

Beach Weddings - Type of Fabric

Type of shoes

If what you want to is to go with high heels, I do not recommend you a thin one.

Thin high heels get stucked on sand and will make you feel a uncomfortable moment; we recommend you to use thick or flatform heels.

Beach weddings are the best ally if you do not like to use high heels, because you can always go with sandals or formal shoes, and you will still look incredible.

For men, the best footwear are the classic formal shoes. Colors does not matter, the most combinable colors are black and brown.

If you are looking for more comfort, you can use white or black sneakers.

Type of Shoes for Beach Weddings

Accessories for Beach Weddings

To add an extra glamour touch to your outfit, you can consider the use of accessories which will complement your outfit.

For men, the most common and recommended accessories to add for Beach Weddings are, sunglasses and hats. This is the best way to combine your outfit while you take care of the sun exposure.

Women can also use sunglasses and hats. But they can add a hand fan and a palm purse, or any accessory that keeps their beach style.

Accessories for Beach Weddings

Beach Weddings are the best option to celebrate a love union in a different way. Look the most comfy and fresh way, the important thing is to enjoy that very special day.


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