Beach Weddings: How to choose the ideal wedding dress

Beach Weddings have become the best option for a not ordinary wedding, enjoying the beauty of beaches and caribbean environment.

Everything is ready for your Beach Wedding but don´t know yet which wedding dress is the ideal one? Do not worry! We will share with you some advices for you to have your dream wedding dress.

Beach Wedding Dress - Ideal Dress

Type of fabric

Your wedding dress fabric is one of the most important things to consider while choosing it. Beach Weddings are commonly very hot and celebrated on sand with the beautiful blue sea as background; that is why, you should consider fresh and light fabrics:


it´s an luxurious fabric made of silk. With a dull back and a shiny front. Perfectly adjust to your body shape.


Frequently used for wedding veil, but also used for wedding dress skirt. It´s a fresh fabric with transparency, which match with everything. Perfect for Beach Weddings.


It´s a sheer fabric, with a simple weave. Gives to the wedding dress a bulky look but with many more movement. A fresh and light fabric, ideal for Beach Weddings dresses.


This type of fabric adapts perfectly to Beach Weddings. It´s a light and fresh fabric, because of it´s perfect fit to bride´s figure, will give you a lot of confidence while using it.

Wedding Dress Fabric - Beach Weddings

Consider your wedding date

it´s importanto to consider your Beach Wedding date, to feel satisfied and comfortable during your wedding day.

For weddings on spring or summer, due to hot temperatues, we recommend you to use strapless or sleeveless dresses; with a fresh and light fabric. This dresses will help you to feel much more fresh and comfy.

For weddings on autumn or winter season, temperatures could be lower and fresh. In this season you can use long sleeves or short sleeves wedding dresses, dresses with a gross fabric.

Wedding Date - Beach Wedding Dress

Wedding theme or style

Every wedding is made with a specific theme or style, it´s important for you to choose the one that better fits yours and your couple likes.

This is an important topic to consider for choosing the perfect dress for Beach Weddings.

if you are having a classic wedding style; a long train, bluky and smooth wedding dress is the ideal one. If your wedding is having a more “boho” or beach style; you can use a short train, more fresh and white flower touches wedding dress. Or ir you are following a special theme, you can use a wedding dress that totally fits you wedding theme.

Theme Wedding Dress - Beach Weddings

Feeling comfortable and fresh in your wedding drees, it´s important for you to enjoy your Beach Wedding.

Beach weddings are known for being different and special, so it does not matter the wedding dress you choose, we know that if you are feeling happy and comfy, the one you choose, will be the best one.


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