Tips to choose your beach wedding dress

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If you still don’t know which wedding dress y ideal of your beach wedding, these 3 tips will help you choose the one:

How to choose the ideal beach wedding dress

Getting married on the beach in front of the crystal clear sea as a backdrop is usually very romantic. Being with your partner and with the people who are special in this pleasant experience is extremely important, as it is also important to look radiant and beautiful on the day of the union with the love of your life, so we give you these 3 tips to choose the ideal dress for your wedding on the beach.

Looking spectacular is essential since you are the protagonist in this event. For that, you should take into account some tips to choose the ideal wedding dress for your wedding at the beach that matches the tropical setting without leaving aside your personality, your essence, and your style.

Determine the time of the year for your Beach Wedding

To have a beach wedding, it is essential not to overlook the date and season of the year in which you are going to get married. This is to choose the right wedding dress for beach weddings and feel comfortable and full on that special date.

If you are thinking of getting married in spring-summer, you can choose dresses with plunging back necklines, strapless dresses or dresses that have short sleeves with V-necklines. Keep in mind that the wedding dresses you will wear should be made with simple materials and the right fabrics such as bamboo, chiffon, macramé and chiffon as they are cooler and ideal for getting married on the beach.

If you are planning your wedding to be celebrated in colder seasons such as winter, we recommend that the dress you choose should have sleeves but not obscure the ocean setting. The options you can use are short sleeves that fall on the shoulders or dresses with sleeves that have transparency in them. Of course! It will also depend on the temperature of the place where you are getting married, however, you can write it down or take it into account.

Types of Fabric to Consider for Your Beach Wedding Dress

There are several types of fabrics that are used for the realization of beach wedding dresses. The most common are:


This type of delicate fabric has a matte interior finish and is used for wedding dresses fitted to the bride’s silhouette.


This fabric is perfect and matches any occasion. It is the material with which bridal veils are made, but it can also be used to make the skirt of the dress giving it a touch of transparency but elegant at the same time.


The fabric is very light and is a perfect choice for the wedding dress for your beach wedding. This fabric can be seen in wedding dresses a little voluminous but with more movement.


The main feature of this fabric is the pleats that mold to the bride’s body. It is a fresh and very comfortable fabric.


The fabric adds sensuality to the wedding dress. It is a fabric that can also look elegant. The Georgette fabric is quite delicate, however, it looks very beautiful as it will highlight your silhouette.

How long should be the length of the wedding dress on the beach?

Traditional wedding dresses usually have quite long tails and veils that allow you to be the center of attention at all times and more when the bride is entering the church. For beach weddings, you can choose dresses that are lighter and shorter so they don’t get ruined when you walk on the sand.