Sustainable Weddings: What are them and how to organize them?

Sustainable Weddings are a trend that has come to stay. Celebrate your special day, while you take care of the environment.

More than a trend, sustainability have become a life style. If you ever dreamed on having a wedding that can help the environment, this is the best opportunity.

There are many ways to implement sustainability to your wedding. It is important to consider that having a 100% sustainable wedding is almost impossible, but you can add to your wedding small actions that can help the environment.

In this blog we will share with you actions that you can implement to your wedding, to help the environment.

What are Sustainable Weddings?

Sustainable Weddings are weddings who want to reduce environmental impact. Couples want to implement different actions to their wedding, which will help to reduce pollution.

There are a plenty of ways to take care of the environment in your wedding, without letting fancy go away. These weddings can adapt to every couple and any kind of decoration, there are no limits.

When can be celebrated?

This is one of the first answers you should have when planning your wedding. There is not really an established date to celebrate Sustainable Weddings. However, summer and spring are the best seasons to celebrate this type of weddings. We also recommend celebrate them during the day, so the day light will remain during all the wedding and you will not need artificial light.

In case you want to celebrate it at night, you can use LED lights, due to they reduce energy consuption. Another option is to use candles, which will light the place very well, they will create a romantic environment.

What are and when to celebrate Sustainable Weddings?

Where can Sustainable Weddings be celebrated?

Due to ecological weddings, we recommend to celebrate them in open spaces. Celebrating your wedding in a space full of nature would be the best idea for a dreaming Sustainable Wedding. Besides the wonderful views and environment this locations bring to you, they will help you to create a 100% ecological space.

It is important for you to consider the use of ecological materials in the venue. For example, that it does not use disposable plates or cups; that the venue uses local products; and they do not waste the leftover food.


There are different options to deliver invitations, without making a big impact to the environment.

Digital Invitations are a great option. This invitations cause cero environmental impact, because their deifusion and creation is 100% online. The only thing you need is an smartphone or laptop, in which you can open the link of the digital invitation.

If what you want is to deliver physical invitations, it can be with recycle paper. Choosing a beautiful typography and adding deatils, will help to make your invitation look nicer. You can also add colors that will give them a wonderful and different touch.

Digital invitations and where to celebrate Sustainable Weddings?

Sustainable catering

Even if this can sound like something difficult to implement, of course it is possible. As the couple, you have the advantage of choosing the menu for your wedding.

It is important than when talking with the chef, you tell him that you want to add a sustainable catering. This is possible using seasonal products and buy them directly for their production zone.

Another option is to reduce the use of meat, chicken and fish, easting at leat 50% of vegetable products. Or in case you do not want to eat meat at all, having a vegetarian menu would be the best idea.

Flowers fos Sustainable Weddings

No doubt, one of the biggest wastes during weddings are flowers. Fortunately, there exist a plenty of options to reduce the waste of flowers on weddings.

Currently, you can find florists who offer the option of “recycling” the flowers used during your wedding. Creating a compost or taking them to recycling centers, who will give to the flowers used in your wedding, a good use.

Another option is using artificial flowers. If you do not have any problem of using this for your wedding, they are the ideal option for Sustainable Weddings. Material can vary a lot, you can use artificial satin flowers, which will look more natural.

There are many more options you can implement for Sustainable Weddings. Helping the environment while you celebrate one of the most important days of your life, is one of the best decisions you can take. It is important to consider your budget in order to add this sustainable option. However, in Riviera Cancun Weddings we know this would be a decision you will not regret. You will have a dreamed wedding while you create environmental awareness.

Sustainable catering and flowers for Sustainable Weddings

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